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Issue 69 (1st Quarter 2019) of Abyss & Apex is up now! OK, it's actually been up for a few weeks, but I got more than slightly behind during the holidays . . .

At any rate, I am thrilled to report that I've got a poem in this issue.. And in very good company, as well:

“The Bone Palace” by Nicole Melchionda
“My Father Hears the Aliens” by Ann K. Schwader
“Entanglement” by Rob Griffith
“Sublimation” by Nate Maxson
“MOAB” by Mark Budman
“How to Seduce Apophis” by Mary Soon Lee
“Artemis 11” by Kira Lovell
“How You Kept Saving my Life “ by Lauren McBride
“Amathomancer’s Charge” by Tanner Abernathy

Please go here to read my Spenserian sonnet:

or here, to begin with Poetry Editor John C. Mannone's introduction to the issue:

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Date: 2019-02-01 09:14 pm (UTC)
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Oh now, that is exquisite! Such an intensity of atmosphere, both human melancholy and a sense of vast spaces, created so deftly!

Hearkening back to an earlier issue, I'm glad "A City Built on Bones" has made the Rhysling candidate list - it's a beauty.
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