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Issue 69 (1st Quarter 2019) of Abyss & Apex is up now! OK, it's actually been up for a few weeks, but I got more than slightly behind during the holidays . . .

At any rate, I am thrilled to report that I've got a poem in this issue.. And in very good company, as well:

“The Bone Palace” by Nicole Melchionda
“My Father Hears the Aliens” by Ann K. Schwader
“Entanglement” by Rob Griffith
“Sublimation” by Nate Maxson
“MOAB” by Mark Budman
“How to Seduce Apophis” by Mary Soon Lee
“Artemis 11” by Kira Lovell
“How You Kept Saving my Life “ by Lauren McBride
“Amathomancer’s Charge” by Tanner Abernathy

Please go here to read my Spenserian sonnet:

or here, to begin with Poetry Editor John C. Mannone's introduction to the issue:
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To celebrate, here's something from my last collection, Dark Energies (P'rea Press 2015).

Of One Who Dreamed

The old gods wake! From pole to pole, that cry
Disquiets midnight in a thousand tongues
Both common & unknown to prophesy
Some cataclysm. Since this world was young,
Its gods have come & gone; their praises sung
In temples or in battle, their rites kept
With incense or with sacrifice fresh-wrung
From writhing flesh. Yet elder powers slept
Beneath our seas. Beyond our stars. Adept
At camouflage, they shaped the waking dreams
Of one whose bleak imagination leapt
To correlate its contents -- into reams
Of warning left behind for all who sense
The stirrings of a darker Providence.

--Ann K. Schwader
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I am very happy to announce that speculative fiction webzine Abyss & Apex #66 is up,
with an extensive poetry TOC:

Introduction to Poetry Issue 66 by John C. Mannone
“The Song of Unknown Night” by Hongri Yuan
“To Watch the World Burn” by Jason Harris
“Rebellion” by Genevieve DeGuzman
“A City Built On Bones” by Ann Schwader
"Oatk Ash, and Crow" by Rebecca Buchanan
“The Honored” by WC Roberts
“Paul Bunyan and the Whirlwind Mountain” by Gabriel Ertsgaard
“La Belle a la Bête” by Brittany Hause
“Tea Leaves” by Hilary Biehl
“Zojaj” by Sheikha A.

My villanelle "A City Built On Bones"
was inspired by the 2017 earthquake in Mexico City, plus a healthy helping of Atzec mythology.
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I'm a little late in posting about this, but still very happy to announce that Spectral Realms #8 (Winter 2018) is now available from Hippocampus Press.

This twice-yearly trade paperback journal of weird verse (edited by S.T. Joshi) continues to offer a comprehensive look at the latest renaissance of this sub-genre. This time around, it's over 130 pages: new work, classic reprints (only two), one article, and two reviews of recent collections.

Contributors include most of the Usual Suspects, both veterans and newcomers. One of the former is Yours Truly, with "Volunteers" (blank verse sonnet).

For the complete TOC, or to order with FREE shipping:
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half the sky
is half the stars
alien sisters

-- Ann K. Schwader
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