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If you live in the U.S., April is National Poetry Month! (And if you don't, it's still National Poetry Month here in the States, so feel free to join in. Please.)

Here are a few links to get you started:

What the heck is National Poetry Month, anyhow?

How can I read more poetry in my Inbox, for free?


Knopf Poetry Poem a Day

(this one only officially runs through April, though poems sometimes show up at other times)


(there's a drop-down menu with a link to subscribe -- good online / print poetry magazine)

Poetry Daily

(for now, this will get you signed up for a weekly newsletter with poem links -- but soon, there will be a daily poem offered as well)

Sad confession: I subscribe to all of these. And no, I don't always get every one read every day -- but it's wonderful to have something I actually look forward to in my Inbox.

I'll be posting again this month with more links / poem sources, for both haiku & speculative poetry. Poem on!
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Here in the USA, at least, it's National Poetry Month! (Yes, it really is a thing.) Are you ready?

If not (and I never seem to be), here are some links to get a little more free poetry into your life:
(what the heck IS National Poetry Month, anyhow?)
(Poem-A-Day . . . get a fresh poem in your Inbox every day. Poems M-F are originals, weekends bring you classics. )
(how to sign up for Poetry Daily & their special April Poets' Pick emailings. They're running a fund drive, too, but everything here is free. Poem selections here are from a variety of mainstream poetry journals, & some are in translation.)
(Knopf Poetry Poem-A-Day sign-up. Free, & only for April, but does sign you up for occasional "information" about other poets they publish. I've found it non-intrusive, & the poetry here is excellent.)
(Rattle Poetry. Online & print journal offering yet another chance to have a poem in your Inbox daily. Some of the poetry here is speculative, though Rattle is not a spec poetry journal.)
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It was actually published in very late 2017, apparently -- but I am delighted to announce that Black Wings VI: New Tales of Lovecraftian Horror (ed. by S.T. Joshi) is out from PS Publishing.

This volume of the Black Wings series includes twenty-two stories & poems (four poems this time, woo!) . TOC as follows:

Introduction S. T. Joshi
Pothunters Ann K. Schwader
The Girl in the Attic Darrell Schweitzer
The Once and Future Waite Jonathan Thomas
Oude Goden Lynne Jamneck
Carnivorous William F. Nolan
On a Dreamland’s Moon Ashley Dioses
Teshtigo Creek Aaron Bittner
Ex Libris Caitlín R. Kiernan
You Shadows That in Darkness Dwell Mark Howard Jones
The Ballad of Asenath Waite Adam Bolivar
The Visitor Nancy Kilpatrick
The Gaunt Tom Lynch
Missing at the Morgue Donald Tyson
The Shard Don Webb
The Mystery of the Cursed Cottage David Hambling
To Court the Night K. A. Opperman
To Move Beneath Autumnal Oaks W. H. Pugmire
Mister Ainsley Steve Rasnic Tem
Satiety Jason V Brock
Provenance Unknown Stephen Woodworth
The Well D. L. Myers

For more information, or to order:

"Pothunters," BTW, is my most recent Cassie Barrett investigation. And yes, I am feeling pretty frabjous about it finding such a good home.
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Looking for more speculative poetry in your National Poetry Month?

Check out SPECPO, the blog site for the Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association.

This month, all month long, they're showcasing the poets featured in this year's Rhysling Awards anthology -- a voting tool for members, and an excellent read for all fans of SF/F/H poetry.

The first two Showcases are already up, here & here.

Each Showcase offers links to several 2016 poems nominated by the SFPA membership. It's all free (of course), but you can also learn how to order a PDF anthology, pre-order a print anthology, or even join SFPA yourself.
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National Poetry Month starts tomorrow (in the USA, anyhow)!

Are YOU ready?

If not, here's a list of helpful links to take you from bad to verse. Don't get caught with your pantoums down!

What is National Poetry Month, anyhow?

How can I celebrate it?

How can I get more free poetry in my life? (Try Poem-a-Day, Poetry Daily, Rattle -- I use all of these.)

Where can I find out more about speculative (SF, fantasy, horror, etc.) poetry?

OK, that should get you started. I'll be posting more -- I hope -- on poetry all during April.

Truth in LJing: I commit poetry. Fairly regularly. I'm a member of SFPA, & the author of several collections of speculative poetry. My most recent, Dark Energies (P'rea Press 2015) was a Bram Stoker Award Finalist.
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Want to help find Planet 9? (No, it's not Pluto. Nor, alas, Yuggoth.)

According to several sources of space news -- like,, & EarthSky -- NASA and the University of California, Berkeley are looking for a few good citizen scientists to check through images from WISE, NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer. Apparently, there are still things the human eye does better than a computer program -- and noticing moving bright spots is one of them.

The project is called Backyard Worlds: Planet 9. To learn more, or join in the search, check here.

Good luck! I haven't joined yet, but I'm seriously considering it. After all, this is pretty much how Pluto got discovered by Clyde Tombaugh back in 1930.
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I don't usually post about crowdfunding projects, but I've recently backed one (also rare for me!) that I'm pretty excited about.

Tony C. Smith of the District of Wonders podcasts is doing a Kickstarter for a new SF/F anthology.  It's entitled Everyone: Worlds Without Walls.  Its stated goal is to:

explore and celebrate how we are greater together – and, conversely, the need to tear down walls of ignorance, prejudice, and injustice.

The TOC for this one is international, diverse, & impressive -- and will expand as stretch goals are met.   Dr. Amy H. Sturgis[ profile] eldritchhobbit will be writing the introduction. At this point, there are 21 writers involved!

With 10 days to go,  the project's original goal and one stretch goal have been met.  Pledge levels range from the extremely reasonable -- which gets you a e-copy of the anthology -- to more generous amounts for additional rewards.

All details, including that expanding TOC, can be found here.

(Full disclosure: I am backing this, but I am not one of the writers or otherwise involved with the project.)
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I'm still catching up with contributors' copies, etc. from the end-of-year deluge, but wanted to mention that Colorado's own Centipede Press has recently released Weird Fiction Review #7.

This annual journal -- so big that my contrib arrived in a box of its own! -- is edited by S.T. Joshi, and offers over 350 pp. of fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, reviews, and artwork, all in a very handsome sewn paperback edition with color covers & much interior color.

The fiction this time around is by Steve Rasnic Tem, Mark Howard Jones, Jonathan Thomas, John Shirley & Don Webb, and Nicole Cushing. Poetry is by Christina Sng, Ian Futter, K.A. Opperman, John Shirley, Wade German, Ashley Dioses, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard -- & Yours Truly.

There are also articles by Charles A. Gramlich, Jason V. Brock, Chad Hensley, and others; a column by John Pelan, and more.

For more information, or to order at a discount, please check here.
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I don't make a habit of posting about -- or participating in -- crowdfunding projects.

However, the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council in Providence, RI is trying to get that city a statue of its literary native son -- using no public funds whatsoever. Only a page on Generosity by Indiegogo, which opened for donations about two months ago.

No, there is no statue of H.P. Lovecraft in Providence.


But there will be, if enough advocates of the weird want there to be. It's a well-planned endeavor, featuring the work of a local artist who will be paid fairly. For more info about the Lovecraft Providence Statue Project (and a spooky video!), check here. Or here. And if you can, please consider helping. I have.
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It’s World Fantasy Award season again, and I’m thrilled to note that three anthologies I’m in have been nominated. (One of them was nominated for two WFAs!)

Cassilda’s Song (Chaosium) , edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr., has been nominated for Anthology and -- thanks to Selena Chambers’ The Neurastheniac”-- Short Fiction.

Black Wings IV (PS Publishing), edited by S.T. Joshi, has been nominated for Anthology.

She Walks in Shadows (Innsmouth Free Press), edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia & Paula R. Stiles, has been nominated for Anthology.

For the full list of finalists, check here.

Best of luck to everyone in October!
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OK, it’s actually spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. So what? I’m still delighted to announce that the long-awaited Autumn Cthulhu anthology (edited by Mike Davis) is available now from Lovecraft eZine Press!

This one has a killer TOC, with 18 stories and one poem celebrating the darkest and most Lovecraftian aspects of the season. It’s available in both paperback & Kindle formats. And, yes, I do have an item in it. Where did you think that poem came from?

For more information, & to order, check here.
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The latest issue of Spectral Realms, a weird poetry journal (plus articles & reviews on that topic) has been announced for sale at Hippocampus Press.

Edited by S.T. Joshi, this twice-yearly journal always offers a bumper crop of dark poetry & poets, but this time around it’s massive: 144 pages! Delivered in a nicely produced trade paperback format, it’s less a magazine than a permanent addition to any weird lit lover’s collection. Good for your dark-minded Valentine, too!

For the full TOC and ordering details, check here. The journal ships free within the USA, & free worldwide with any other qualifying purchase from the press.

[Truth in LiveJournaling: yes, I do have two poems in this issue. One is a very up-to-date bit of cosmic horror based on the discoveries of New Horizons.]
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It’s been a bit of a wait, but Mike Davis of The Lovecraft EZine reported today that the Kindle edition of Cassilda’s Song is now available, with the print edition coming soon.

Edited by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., Cassilda’s Song is a new anthology of tales inspired by Robert W. Chambers’ King in Yellow mythos -- & all these tales are written by women. As most readers of this LJ already know, I’m one of these women!

A glance at the TOC should reveal why I’m so happy about this. And why KIY enthusiasts really ought to consider adding this item to their libraries, electronic or otherwise.
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Staff blogger Diane Severson’s[ profile] divadiane1 latest post is up at the Amazing Stories site, & this time she’s offering a themed November 2015 Round Up.

Entitled Women Destroy Hard SF Poetry!!! ( title permission granted by John Joseph Adams), this comprehensive look at women writing verse on the harder end of the SF spectrum includes links to work by 22 poets. Five are featured, and one of those five is Yours Truly. Here’s the full list:

Lisa Timpf
Roxanne Barbour
Landon Godfrey
Wendy Van Camp
Sarah Blake
Margaret Rhee
Ruth Berman
Ann K. Schwader, featured
Marianne Dyson, featured
F.J. Bergmann, featured
Christina Sng, featured
Liz Bennefeld, featured
Deborah Guzzi
Renee M. Schell
Lark Bertran
Deborah P. Kolodji
Marge Simon
Stephanie Wytovich
Snigdha Chaya Saikia
Ada Hoffmann
A.E. Ash
Bronwyn Lovell

Though I don’t generally consider myself a hard SF writer, I do enjoy taking inspiration from the sciences (astronomy is a favorite), and I’m delighted to be part of this distinguished sisterhood. There’s lots to read – and think about – here!

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The Science Fiction Poetry Association’s 2015 Halloween Poetry Reading site is up, and expanding day by day. Edited by Liz Bennefeld & Shannon Connor Winward, this annual online tradition offers atmospheric art & horrifying poems for the haunting season.

With a couple of exceptions, most of the poems are read by their creators – who also share snippets of information about the poems themselves, as well as web sites or blogs where more work awaits discovery.

This year, I finally managed to hold my mouth right long enough to contribute a reading to this project! Listen to my long measure poem “Wind Shift” (and many other spooky verses!) here.
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If you’ve got even a passing interest in Poe (and I’m guessing that’s most everyone reading Yaddith Times), Dr. Amy H. Sturgis’s[ profile] eldritchhobbit latest Looking Back in Genre History on StarShipSofa No. 406 is a don’t-miss listen.

In this segment, she reviews an intriguing temporary exhibit at The Poe Museum in Richmond, VA. Entitled “Madness: Insanity in the Works of Edgar Allan Poe,” it offers her a springboard for discussing the (often dark) history behind many of Poe’s more notable tales.

The exhibit itself has closed, unfortunately, but the podcast is still available for free on iTunes & at the StarShipSofa website. And The Poe Museum website is darkly fascinating all on its own.
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I just got a boarding pass for Mars.

Nope, not the trip – just the boarding pass, for NASA’s InSight lander due to launch in March 2016. All names submitted & approved will be inscribed on a chip which actually is headed to Mars with the lander.

It’s all free, but unfortunately I just found out about this -- & today is the last day to register. If you’re a fellow Mars-o-phile & reading this before 11:59 PM ET, you can go here for all the information.

See you – or your name, at least – on Mars!

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To the possible detriment of the world’s collective sanity, Cthulhu Fhtagn! is available today from Word Horde.

Editor/publisher Ross E. Lockhart reports that copies will be arriving at Word Horde HQ “later today,” & that direct orders will be being fulfilled this week.

Retailer links to Amazon (where you can preorder your Kindle copies already!), Ingram, B & N, and other places will be appearing on the anthology’s page as they go live. Find all the ordering information you’ll need here.

[Truth in LJing: yes, I’m very happy to say that I’ve got a story in this puppy. “Dead Canyons” is a tale of Martian exploration, ancient warfare, Mythos entities, AI, & a desperate woman no one will listen to . . . . all set in Boulder, CO.]
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Through some conjunction of right-turning stars that I am still unable to explain, I’m going to be Poet Laureate at NecronomiCon Providence, August 20-23. Since this one is in honor of H.P. Lovecraft’s 125th birthday-- doesn’t he look great for his age? -- I’m particularly thrilled.

Here’s my (current) schedule of panels, readings, & other activities, cribbed from the official website :

THURSDAY – August 20 – HPL’s 125th Birthday!
5:00 to 6:15pm – OPENING CEREMONIES – the First Baptist Church in America, 75 N. Main St. 02903 OPEN TO GENERAL PUBLIC (free)
Special Guests of Honor, including Ramsey Campbell, Leslie Klinger and Poet Laureate Ann Schwader, will welcome attendees and officially commemorate Lovecraft’s anniversary in this historic Providence landmark.
(I’m reading a specially written poem for this. Cross tentacles for me.)

SATURDAY – 1-2:15pm
SHE WALKS IN SHADOWS NO MORE – Grand Ballroom, Biltmore 17th Floor
Many of the most unique and powerful voices in weird fiction belong to women! Although once looked upon incorrectly as a white man’s genre, weird fiction has a long tradition of women writers, and that tradition continues today. Join us in celebrating these talented authors, and find out why they write Lovecraftian fiction.
Panelists: Caitlín Kiernan, Ann Schwader, Lois Gresh, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Anya Martin
Moderator: Faye Ringel

Saturday – 4:00-5:15pm
POETRY WORKSHOP – Renaissance Room, Biltmore 17th Floor
A special session welcoming of all poets and aspiring poets, led by Thomas Broadbent and Starry Wizdom, with our Poet Laureate Ann Schwader and several other remarkable eldritch scribes. Come together and share in the creative process or just enjoy the beautiful company.


AUTHOR READINGS – L’Apogee, Biltmore 17th Floor.
Session Two: Lois Gresh and Ann Schwader (Note: session runs 10-11am)

POETRY READINGS – L’Apogee, Biltmore 17th Floor
Poetry circle (Note: session runs from 11am to Noon)
This session will be led by our Poet Laureate Ann Schwader, poet Adam Bolivar, and our own in-house muses Thomas Broadbent and Starry Wizdom, but feel free to bring some of our own favorite poetry to share

Sunday – 1-2:15pm
Poetry was an important part of Lovecraft’s life and “weird poetry” is a growing trend today. There are many writers who dabble in the poems of the weird and still more who make it their singular creative focus. What is the history of weird poetry, and what makes a poem weird? Our panelists debate this issue and what it means to write weird poetry in the 21st century.
Panelists: Ann Schwader, Fred Phillips, Thomas Broadbent, Derrick Hussey, Charles Danny Lovecraft, Adam Bolivar
Moderator: Jason V. Brock

Sunday – 2:30-3:45pm
LOVECRAFT AS SCI-FI WRITER – Garden Room, Biltmore 2nd Floor
Often, Lovecraft is described as being the innovator of weird science fiction because of his use of science in his stories. How does Lovecraft compare to other science fiction writers? What impact, if any, has Lovecraft had on the science fiction genre?
Panelists: Jason V. Brock, Leslie Klinger, Robert M. Price, Ann K Schwader, William F. Nolan
Moderator: Brian Callahan

There’s still time to join the Providence Pilgrimage, too. I’m told that single-day tickets and general passes are still available, here.

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I am really, really happy to report that my new dark fiction collection, Dark Equinox & Other Tales of Lovecraftian Horror, is now available from Hippocampus Press. The web site’s still listing it as being released for NecronomiCon 2015 -- but I checked with the publisher, & it’s already in stock.

This nicely produced trade paperback offers sixteen tales (four previously unpublished, others emerging from many years in the dark) of the cosmic &/or supernatural. Available here for the first time is the entire run of my Cassie Barrett tales, which take place in rural Wyoming & the Southwest. The Southwestern cover art & very spooky frontispiece are by Lyndsay Harper. Find all the details -- & ordering information -- here.

And if you’re planning to attend NecronomiCon Providence yourself, I’ll be delighted to sign your copy there!

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