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and yet it moves Galileo's seatbelt

-- Ann K. Schwader

for the 454th birthday of Galileo Galilei
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dark god dwarfed
by human hubris
alas, Pluto

                   -- Ann K. Schwader

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as flash shadow

                     -- Ann K. Schwader

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Thank you, [ profile] science_at_nasa

How could I have gotten through my Friday without knowing the fate of Camilla the rubber chicken at the edge of space?

Check here for all the actual scientific details.  With video!

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Not all genre / speculative poems appear in speculative journals, so it's fun to keep an eye out for them elsewhere.

Today, for example, I was catching up on some recent offerings on Poetry Daily when I ran across this poem.

 "A Little about Not Knowing Very Much" by Christopher Buckley didn't appear in a genre collection, but it is filled with exquisite science/SFnal imagery. 

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OK . . . these particular zombies are ants, but the idea of a parasitic fungus manipulating the behavior of its (dying) host to promote its own reproduction is still majorly creepy.  Thank you,

For all the horrific details -- and an equally nasty little story about "gaster flagging" -- check here.

And be glad you aren't a carpenter ant in Thailand.

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