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I’m falling behind on my podcast listening this summer, so this notice is a week-plus late – but I wouldn’t want any Lovecraftians who read this LJ to miss StarShipSofa 390.

The whole episode is excellent, with dark SF by Allen M. Steele & an extensive interview with leading horror editor Ellen Datlow. However, the draw for devotees of the Bard of Providence is this month’s Looking Back in Genre History segment. Dr. Amy H. Sturgis[ profile] eldritchhobbit discusses the history lurking behind Lovecraft’s “The Shunned House,” with glimpses into New England’s own brand of vampire mythology. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about HPL, but I learned a lot from this segment.

Find the episode here. As always, you can download it from the web site, listen online, or find it on iTunes. However you choose to listen, I wouldn’t miss this one.
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Editor Mike Davis of the very popular Lovecraft eZine web site (over 186,000 minions as of this posting!) has been asking Lovecraftian /weird fiction writers the same five questions for fifteen installments now.

This week, it’s my turn in the eldritch tank. For a fairly complete recent bibliography of weirdness, a few biographical details, & why you should never let impressionable children read Dr. Seuss, check here.
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Weird Tales columnist Doug Draa certainly knows how to ask intriguing questions. I've done my best to come up with interesting responses on this week's The WEIRD Bookshelf.

Does poetry stand a chance with weird fiction readers? Does Lavinia Whateley have a secret history of her own? And what's the deal with Wyoming as Lovecraft Country, anyhow?

For more than you probably ever wanted to know about these matters -- and others! -- check here.
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