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Vampires, Zombies, & Wanton SoulsVampires, Zombies, & Wanton Souls by Marge Simon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a generously-sized collection of supernatural verse (plus two short stories, both well worth reading) from one of spec poetry's most fertile minds, accompanied nearly page by page by art from Sandy DeLuca. Most of these artworks ("illustrations" doesn't begin to cover it) seem either inspired by or inspiration for the skillfully crafted poems, and the majority are in full color.

As suggested by the title, both the poetry and the art veer toward the dark fantasy end of the horror spectrum. The emphasis is on female vamps -- and zombies! -- though Simon delivers considerable variety within these categories.

Fans of either Simon's writing or DeLuca's art, attention: the majority of these poems and artworks are original to this collection.

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I won't be making it to this -- can't find a night-gaunt to fly me in from Colorado -- but folks in CA might want to check out 

At the Mountains of Madness: A Tribute to the Writings of Lovecraft

It's in Alhambra, & will be running from October 16 -- November 8, 2010.  This one looks fantastic: 19 exhibiting artists, plus links to many of their Web sites for those of us who can't be there or be eldritch.


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I've finally heard back from the guest editors of Mythic Delirium 22 -- Amal El-Mohtar and Jessica P. Wick,  the Goblin Queens of Goblin Fruit -- and it's good news!  My dark SF villanelle "Citadel Ascendant" will be part of this exercise in editor-swapping.

I'm particularly happy about this sale, because "Citadel Ascendent" was inspired by a photomontage by Loretta Young-Gautier, a local (metro Denver) photographer with a real gift for the uncanny and surreal.  The image itself is titled Gothic.   I received a print of it for my birthday last year, and it adds no end of atmosphere to my home office.

If you'd like to see Gothic for yourself, please go here.   Or check out more of Loretta's amazing work here


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