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Temples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs: A Popular History of Ancient EgyptTemples, Tombs and Hieroglyphs: A Popular History of Ancient Egypt by Barbara Mertz

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Question: Is it possible to write a breezy, downright gossipy, yet highly informative history of ancient Egypt?

Answer: It must be, because Dr. Barbara Mertz (AKA Elizabeth Peters) did it with this one.

Maybe it's because I "read" this one on Audible -- with a narrator whose voice reminded me of Amelia Peabody -- or maybe it's because I've been feeling guilty about owning the print edition for years without reading it. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with this book. I've read quite a bit on Egyptology, & have been to Egypt myself once, but I found quite a bit of new material in this very accessible history.

I've added Mertz's Red Land, Black Land to my wish list, too.

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Fans of Robert Bloch, Egyptology, & / or H.P. Lovecraft will not want to miss this recent article on the Lovecraft eZine site. Entitled “The Egyptian Tales of Robert Bloch,” and penned by none other than Robert M. Price, it offers a comprehensive look at Bloch’s 1936-1938 Weird Tales offerings in this department, plus much interesting background material. Howard Carter’s 1922 discovery of Tut’s tomb? Karloff’s 1932 classic horror film The Mummy? It’s all there – along with Dr. Price’s evaluation of what Bloch may have altered in the standard mythological canon, and what he borrowed from Lovecraft himself.

This article is a generous serving of the sort of literary analysis only a critic of Price’s stature can bring to so-called pulp fiction – and, like everything offered on editor Mike Davis’s eZine, it’s free for all to read. Find it here.
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I missed the chance to post this yesterday, but The Book of Cthulhu (Night Shade Books 2011) is still on sale today for $1.99 on Kindle!

Over 500 virtual pages of tentacular goodness, edited by Ross Lockhart.

And some of those pages contain the Egyptian-flavored Mythos tale "Lost Stars" -- featuring Ammutseba, my own addition to Lovecraft's strange pantheon.

Get all the details -- and possibly your own copy -- here.
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I’m very happy to report that Nate Pederson’s Starry Wisdom Library anthology is finally complete! It has been handed over to Andrew Leman (H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society), who will be doing the design.

PS Publishing has scheduled the book launch for September, at FantasyCon 2014.

Check out the competed TOC – and all things Starry Wisdom Library - on their Web site.

My own contribution to this anthology concerns Robert Bloch’s The Black Rites. Egyptophile geekery, anyone?
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So . .. there is this fascinating new  anthology forthcoming from  PS Publishing

Entitled The Starry Wisdom Library & edited by Nate Pedersen, it's a fictional auction catalogue of books left behind by the Church of Starry Wisdom  in H.P. Lovecraft's "The Haunter of the Dark."   It is "Embellished by Essays by Learned Authors on the Storied Histories of the Notorious Volumes."

Here's a partial list of these Learned Authors. 

And, as of yesterday, some updates to that list.    Including Yours Truly, for an essay on Robert Bloch's The Black Rites

I am still picking my teeth out of my office carpet.  Or I would be, except that most of said carpet is still covered with the Egyptology books I dragged off my shelves while wallowing in research.  

The Starry Wisdom Library will be available in 2013, or possibly 2014 -- whenever the stars are right.  Find a bit more information about it here.

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Over at Innsmouth Free Press, they're posting a series of micro-interviews to promote Candle in the Attic Window, their brand new Gothic horror anthology. 

Today was my day in the tank!  Read on here for more than you probably ever wanted to know about the parts of the ancient Egyptian soul, & other matters relating to my dark sonnet "The Ba-Curse."
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Just found out yesterday that my Egyptology-flavored Mythos tale "Lost Stars" was accepted for Night Shade Books' reprint anthology The Book of Cthulhu!

Since this story originally appeared in my small press collection Strange Stars & Alien Shadows (Lindisfarne Press 2003), I'm delighted that it's going to have a second chance at disturbing a few more readers.

And yes, I am still in search of my teeth in my office carpet.

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Archaeology Magazine online is offering a nice interview article with the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Department of Egyptian Art curator.  The Met's got a new exhibit focused on "Tutankhamun's Funeral," complete with lots & lots of morbid little leftovers from the embalming process.

Whether you are a true Tut-ophile or not (and I'm generally not . . . my favorite pharaoh is another 18th Dynasty notable,  Hatshepsut), this article offers a concise rundown of events leading up to the discovery of that famous tomb.   

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Archaeology's latest e-update includes a link to a short but fascinating article from the Archaeology Institute of America's Online Editorial Director, Mark Rose.  He seems to have a few problems with the AMA press release, though he hopes that some of his questions will be resolved by the full article:

Tut:  Disease & DNA News

This article also includes a link to the full text of the magazine's March/April cover story on "Warrior Tut," plus a couple of related links.     Interesting info from good sources, here -- your key to a little one-stop Tut-Tutting.
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According to an article which will be published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the 19 year old King Tutankhamun (Dynasty 18, around 1323 BC) died from a combination of injury & infection, though some of his underlying trouble was very likely genetic. 

The Associated Press has a detailed article:  A frail King Tut died from malaria, broken leg

Thanks to recent DNA testing, this article has quite a lot of chewy information -- and some speculation -- about Tut's parentage, as well.

I've been fascinated by Egyptology for years,  but much of the material here is new to me.  I'll be sure to post again as more of this (continuing) Amarna mystery is unraveled by science & peer-reviewed journals.

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