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Looking for a very strange stocking stuffer for your favorite Lovecraftian?  Or, possibly, looking to feed your Kindle an eldritch treat it won't soon forget?

Either way, you might wish to check out Cthulhu Haiku & Other Mythos Madness, the fourth annual offering of horror poetry from Popcorn Press.   This innovative little press claims to offer "snacks for your brain,"  and in this case it's definitely true.  Think 126 pages of haiku, other short verses & a few flash fiction pieces . . . all inspired by the Bard of Providence. 

The TOC is a bit too extensive to paste in here, but many familiar names in the genre press put in appearances -- among them Geoffrey Landis, F.J. Bergmann, David Kopaska-Merkel, James S. Dorr, Robert Borski, Marsheila Rockwell, Sandra Lindow, Charles Lovecraft, Michael Fantina, & even Yours Truly. 

For a print copy from the publisher, go here.

For a Kindle or print copy from Amazon, go here.

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Here's the most delightfully morbid take on the Bear of Little Brain I think I've ever seen. 
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This thanks to [ profile] charlesatan , and today's edition of his incredibly useful Links and Plugs LJ:

Cthulhu (Starts With "C")

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