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summer thunder
Tiananmen ghosts
roll on

-- Ann K. Schwader
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I have a somewhat speculative haiku up today (April 29th) on the Haikuniverse site:

If you're reading this after 4/29, the site will give you options to view previous haiku.
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of a waning moon
last footprints

                      -- Ann K. Schwader

                Gene Cernan, last astronaut on the moon, is gone at 82
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Highway of Sleeping TownsHighway of Sleeping Towns by Deborah P Kolodji

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I nibbled through this one, a few at a time last thing in the evening. Haiku are concentrated things, & it seemed like the perfect way to consume this remarkable, very 21st century collection.

Although nature is not neglected in these pages, the overall tone is deeply personal & highly individual. There's a touch of the cosmic, as well -- Kolodji acknowledges science as a full part of nature, & the reader benefits.

Recommended for all haiku enthusiasts, or anyone interested in experiencing this form at a very high -- yet accessible -- level of quality.

View all my reviews
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Buck's Row
an early fall
of scarlet

            -- Ann K. Schwader
              (in memoriam Mary Ann Nichols)
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even through time’s vacuum moonsteps

                                              ---- Ann K. Schwader
                                                    (for the 47th anniversary of Armstrong's footsteps)
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Earth Day
the archived hologram

-- Ann K. Schwader
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so clear again
Canaveral sky

                         -- Ann K. Schwader

(a memorial article from The Washington Post is here)
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no end
to new horizons
Tombaugh’s ashes

                                    -- Ann K. Schwader

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teacher points
on the star chart
Earth Day

                           -- Ann K. Schwader
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I know I’ve already posted about haiku this week, but this time is (a) way less about me, and (b) very much about the speculative side of this form. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

Amazing Stories blogger Diane Severson [ profile] divadiane1 is featuring haiku in her Genre Poetry Round Up column this month, & this one’s a must read if you have any interest in SF, haiku, or both. The generously sized column is loaded with information & links to speculative haiku, both in SF-focused journals & more mainstream venues. And then there’s Twitter!

I’ve got one haiku in this (and it’s one I’m pretty proud of, honestly), but many members of SFPA come in for well-deserved mentions – accompanied by samples of their work. There are also plenty of tips for both haiku poets in search of markets & haiku readers in search of new material.

Find all this micro-poetic goodness here.
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It’s March – though definitely not spring, at least not where I am – and the online haiku journals are starting to bloom! I’ve got work in a couple of them:

A Hundred Gourds: 3 haiku, here (with a haiga at the bottom of the page, though not drawn by me) & here.

The Heron’s Nest: one haiku, here.

Both these journals are excellent medicine for melancholy . . .or even the weather most of the USA seems to be suffering right now.
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It’s been quite a while since I posted a haiku roundup, but this month I’ve got three up on two online journals – both of these mainstream, though I’m not sure all my contributions are!

Find “breaking through . . .” and “morning snow” in the December issue of A Hundred Gourds.

Find “one of us” (which is decidedly slipstream, if not spec) in the December issue of The Heron’s Nest.

I’m also happy to be sharing the TOC of both these journals with [ profile] dkolodji. Find her work here in The Heron’s Nest, & here -- with mine! -- in A Hundred Gourds.
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dark god dwarfed
by human hubris
alas, Pluto

                   -- Ann K. Schwader

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Winners & Honorable Mentions for the 2014 Peggy Willis Lyles Memorial Haiku Contest (judged by Jim Kacian) were posted today at The Heron's Nest.

I am shocked silly delighted to report that a spec/science haiku of mine received 3rd place.

The judge's comments on the three Prize Winners & three Honorable Mentions can be found here. If you're at all interested in haiku (writing &/or reading), he offers a lot of food for thought.

I know I'll be referring to this page in weeks to come, & not just to recapture my frabjous moment . . .
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stars and stripes
in black and white
first footprints

                                      -- Ann K. Schwader

(If you weren't around for Apollo 11, or just want to remember what it felt like, here's a link to some excellent Smithsonian articles & images.)
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among the uniforms

a shadow

           Ann K. Schwader

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cryonaut wakes
clutching a blue marble
Earth Day

                             -- Ann K. Schwader
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In the United States, April is National Poetry Month. Are YOU ready?

Thought so.

If you’d like to change that situation, here are a few helpful links:

National Poetry Month -- & how to get a free poster!

National Poetry Month FAQ

Poem-A-Day from the Academy of American Poets
(sends you a new poem each day to your inbox)

Poetry Daily
(posts a new poem each day)

Poets’ Pick feature from Poetry Daily
(sends you a new poem with commentary each day M-F in April)

Per Diem: daily haiku from The Haiku Foundation
(posts a new haiku each day, plus haiku news)

tinywords: haiku & other small poems
(sign up for a new micropoem in your inbox each day)

If your reading taste diverges from the mainstream -- & you're not alone! -- don't despair. I'll be posting links to several speculative poetry sites a bit later on.
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